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China Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD) was founded in October, 2003, and is a coalition of leading Chinese and foreign enterprises registered and operating in China, established as a national organization through the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC. Committed to implementing the guidelines and policies of the scientific outlook on development and establishing a harmonious society, CBCSD provides a platform for exchange and cooperation among corporations, governments and social communities, aiming at facilitating the development of sustainable business.

Purpose,Objectives and Charter

Providing a platform for exchange and cooperation among Chinese and foreign enterprises, government and social communities; sharing information, experiences and best practices in the field of sustainable development, in order to help companies improve understanding and performance in health, safety and environment (HSE), corporate social responsibility (CSR), climate change, and other related areas, and to push forward the course of sustainable development by common efforts.

CBCSD Partners

CBCSD actively engages in the communications with BCSDs around the world based on the sustainable development projects, leveraging the global resources and raising the profile of Chinese business and CBCSD to stimulate more Chinese enterprises to take part and take the lead in implementing sustainable development. 

CBCSD, as the key communication platform, carries on the cooperation with Chinese and global business communities, industrial associations and organizations. It provides opportunities for dialogues on sustainable development experience and best practices for member companies, providing the global view on the new trends and progress. 

Join Us
Membership Procedure:
  • 1. CBCSD Board member or member company sends invitation to the company that applies for CBCSD membership; or the company directly submits the membership application to CBCSD.
  • 2. The company fixes the CBCSD registration form and submits it to CBCSD Board.
  • 3. CBCSD Board discusses and approves the application.
  • 4. CBCSD sends the approval of CBCSD membership and formal welcome letter to the company.
  • 5. Registration, membership fee payment and other formal procesures.
Contact Us
  • China Business Council for Sustainable Development(CBCSD)
  • Address: A6 Huixin East St. Chaoyang District
  • Beijing, 100029, PRC
  • Tel:86-10-69166788
  • Fax:86-10-69196630