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Purpose,Objectives and Charter


Providing a platform for exchange and cooperation among Chinese and foreign enterprises, government and social communities; sharing information, experiences and best practices in the field of sustainable development, in order to help companies improve understanding and performance in health, safety and environment (HSE), corporate social responsibility (CSR), climate change, and other related areas, and to push forward the course of sustainable development by common efforts.


Business leadership - to be the leading business advocate on issues related to sustainable development;

Policy development - provide inputs to the government and assist in policy development in order to create a framework that allows business to contribute effectively to sustainable development;

Promotion of exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises – introduce and demonstrate latest progress in environmental and resource management by the business community; share advanced management concepts and business operation practices in order to promote common development, improve corporate social responsibility and enhance the global competitiveness of member companies.

CBCSD will build a social network for communications within all sectors, establishing training programs, strengthening construction of environmental facilities and adopting the concept of clean production in order to develop environmental protection, as well as to optimize the management system of resource and environment. CBCSD serves as a channel to the government to draw direct insights from the business community in making policies addressing the issues of sustainable development, including water shortage, air pollution in cities, greenhouse effect, as well as energy and health related issues. CBCSD will actively promote exchange and cooperation between Chinese enterprises and international counterparts to build a better future for sustainable development in China. All members of CBCSD will make unremitting efforts and work with all sectors of society to contribute to the achievement of a continuous, rapid, healthy and balanced development of the economy as well as a comprehensive advancement of Chinese society.


Chapter 1: General Principles
Chapter 2: Objectives and Tasks
Chapter 3: Membership
Chapter 4: General Assembly (Annual Conference)
Chapter 5: Executive Board
Chapter 6: Other Matters
Chapter 7: Appendix