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The National New-Type Urbanization Plan Released, Board Members of CBCSD Help the Sustainable Development of Cities

The National New-Type Urbanization Plan was jointly printed and issued by NDRC, Ministry of Finance and MOHURD on February 4, in which it clearly specifies the requirements for environmental protection, transportation system and urban social governance, etc. in order to meet the requirements in National New-Type Urbanization Plan 2014-2020. Successful and duplicable urban development examples are urgently needed for the references of how different types of cities can innovate and transit so as to build a market-based sustainable system and guild the city develop in a healthy and well-organized way. Against the background of New Urbanization Development, social capital participated in the infrastructure construction and public causes and will establish a platform for the communication of the private and public sectors and contribute to urbanization progress.

CBCSD plans to compile the Case Collection for Urban Sustainable Development. Members of CBCSD have innovative solutions in sustainable urban development, for example, BASF provides new energy saving material for building, Holcim cement kiln processes the solid waste of cities, ABB smart detective devices for building energy consuming, and low impact development from China's green architecture design and research institute. Enterprises are important participant and practitioner for cities’ sustainable development and play vital roles in urbanization. As the supplier of technology and facility, business has accumulated good experiences from home and abroad. CBCSD calls for more members to participate into the Case Collection for Urban Sustainable Development compilation and provide best cases from business perspective and build solution platform for sustainable development to reach a win-win result for business and social value.