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Two industrial Standards Compiled by CBCSD Passed Examination

On December 23, 2014, the National Technical Standardization Committee of Environmental Protection of Petroleum and Natural Gas held standard experts examine meeting, on which the Calculation Method of CO2 Emissions in Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploitation Enterprises, compiled by CBCSD passed examination. This industrial standard will be submitted to the Technical Standardization Committee after being improved according to the experts’ opinions. The Calculation Method of CO2 Emission for Chemical Enterprises Water Network compiled by CBCSD passed experts examination at National standardization technical committee in chemistry water processing session on November 13, 2014. The standard drafting group has now finished modification and submitted it to the Committee.

The Chinese government always attaches great importance to tackling climate change. Several policies and initiative are being complied and implemented, including National Plan for Addressing Climate Change, Scheme for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emission in the Twelves Five Year Plan and National Strategy for Adapting Climate Change. Also, the Chinese government vigorously promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction, ecological construction and establishes low carbon pilot projects in order to enhance the capability in tackling climate change. In order to follow the national policies in promoting green and low carbon development, strengthening calculation of greenhouse gas emission, CBCSD has been exploring in formulating calculation method of greenhouse gas emission in petrochemical, cement and chemical industries since 2010. The method acts as the national industrial standard after being rectified by government departments, and provides technical support and action standard for the energy conservation and emission reduction of Chinese businesses.