Energy Conservation & Climate Change is CBCSD key project. With the principle of “the government takes the leadership, and the corporations play a major role, while implementation is crucial”, the project sets its objective to exchange business’s perspectives and actions on this matter, bridging the communication between business and government thus to offer feasible business action plans for energy conservation and emission reduction.
CBCSD gives full play to its membership and integrates international best practices into Chinese context. Through the energy and climate change projects, it provides the business solutions for energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction of eco-city, contributing to the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan. The project covers following areas:
• Corporate energy conservation and GHG management
• Energy conservation & emission reduction service and business solutions
• Energy efficiencies in buildings
• Water sustainability and conservation
• Energy and environment issues in urbanization process
• Urban infrastructure and sustainable mobility
• Environmental protection in urban catering industry
CBCSD has compiled and formed the by-sector corporate-level national recommended standards on CO2 emissions calculation methods, providing technical support and platform for advanced technologies, equipment and finances, contributing feasible business solutions and facilitating capacity building in enterprises.
• Petrochemical: Calculation Method of CO2 Emissions in Petrochemical Production
• Cement: Calculation Method of CO2 Emission with Cement Production
• Oil & Gas: Calculation Method of CO2 Emission with Oil & Gas Production
• Chemical: Calculation Method of N2O Emission with Nitric Production, Calculation Method of CO2 Emission with Synthetic Ammonia Production, Calculation Method of CO2 Emission with Lime Production and Calculation Method of CO2 Emission with Adipic Acid Production
• Iron & steel, power generation and other key energy-intensive industries