Work Safety is the foundation of sustainable development, which has also been the priority of CBCSD’s work. Based on the best practices of member companies, CBCSD is dedicated to promoting the communication and application of its HSE standard series for better work safety development and corporate image building.
Series of “guidelines for safety management and application examples” standards were compiled covering phases from construction, operation to process:
• Guideline for Petrochemical Construction Project Safety Management Implementation by the Management Party (AQ/T3005-2006)
• Guideline for Petrochemical Corporation Safety Management System (AQ/T3012-2008)
• Guidelines for Process Safety Management of Chemical Corporations (AQ/T3034-2010)
• Safety management guidelines for hazardous chemicals road transportation project to develop pragmatic tools that incorporating both international and national best performances

CBCSD proactively organizes seminars on work safety, as well as capacity building for SMEs in selected industrial areas and the Yangtze River delta regions. HSE trainings, seminars on safe mobility and other activities are held to promote HSE concept and enhance public awareness of HSE.