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President of CEC Wang Zhongyu Urges to Attend to Incoordination of Business Development

    The 2016 China Enterprise Innovation Management Conference was convened recently in Beijing. Wang Zhongyu, President of China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association, said on the conference that coordinated development is indispensable to business’s sustainable and healthy progress. Over the recent years, China has been steadily increasing both in the national comprehensive strength and the total economic scale, but the incoordination of China’s business development is still a striking problem, mainly in the extensive mode of production, severe overcapacity in certain industries, decline in corporate revenue, and frequently-occurred major safety accidents. Wang urges businesses and enterprises to push for structural reform in the supply side, cultivate emerging strategic industries and upgrade traditional industries to a mid-to-high end level. He also points out that importance of accelerating modern service industry and the continuous optimization of industrial organization structure and of spatial distribution to adhere to the path of high-quality and efficient industrial development.