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The Pathway Towards Green and Low Carbon Development- the sustainable development round-table conference held in Changsha

    On August 27, CBCSD held the sustainable development round-table conference themed by 'The Pathway Towards Green and Low Carbon Development' in Changsha. Senior leaders from business enterprises including DSM group, China Building Materials, Veolia Group, Shanghai Sinowind Co.,Ltd., China Investment Group Ltd., China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) and Beijing Roan and Bridge Construction Group; representatives from government and social organizations including Environmental Protection Department, China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center and World Future Council gathered together to discuss different ideas on sustainable development, innovation commercial models, business good achievements in different enterprises, industries, government and social organizations, which is of great importance to encourage cross-enterprise, cross-sector and cross-border cooperation and also has the guiding significance to deal with the problems and challenges facing sustainable development. The meeting was chaired by Vice Secretary General Zhai Qi of CBCSD. Click here to read the Chinese news

Summary views of the guests

    The sustainable development CEO Round-table focused on two topics. Topic one was “new-type urbanization and business solutions”. Business good solutions and practice were shared on the development and governance of urbanization. Topic two was about climate change and green low-carbon development where guests discussed what roles and responsibilities enterprises shall take in promoting green, low-carbon and circular development and shared the experience and practice in sustainable development.

    Dr. Jiang Weiming, Vice Group President and President of DSM China believes that moderate well-off level cannot be achieved without health and the key problem of sustainable development is first and foremost the sustainable development of human being.

    Mr. Huang Xiaojun said that Veolia has introduced series of solutions related to water, energy and materials, supported many cities and enterprises in managing, optimizing and making full use of resources. And Veolia endeavors to explore circular economy based on the secondary resources.

    Mr. Song Zhiping, Chairman of China National Building Material Company, expressed that by 2050, CNBMC will reduce the fossil fuel energy by 50%-60% and fully abandon that by 2200. CNBMC is full of confidence in solving the problem of climate and pollution.

    “The common goal we are striving for and fully support is to create a cleaner and healthier environment with sustainable measures, which needs multi-participation.” Ms Tian Lingzhi, Chairman of Sinowind Technologies Limited. and CEO of Global Equity Corporation said in the sustainable development CEO Round-table.