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CBCSD held 2020 Board Meeting through written communication

CBCSD held the 2020 Board Meeting on March 15 through written communication. CBCSD board members from CBCSD board companies incl. Sinopec, DSM, BP China, State Grid, China Baowu group, Veolia, BASF, Schneider Electrics, Shell, CIMC, DOW, Yanshan Petrochemical, DuPont, CEC, SNOWIND, ChemChina, Lafarge Horray participated in the meeting. CBCSD Work Review of 2019 and Work Plan for 2020, CBCSD 2019 Statement of Expenditure and the Budget Report for 2020 and the Proposal to postpone the 16th Conference on the New Trends of Sustainable Development were reviewed and approved during the meeting.