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CBCSD Launched Consultation of Companies’ Sustainable Development

CBCSD has conducted researches on the sustainability index of Chinese companies for four years and has accumulated abundant data resources and excellent cases of sustainable development practice. In order to further the development of the index project and provide diverse services for companies, CBCSD started the consultation project of company’s sustainable development in 2019. Based on the system of sustainability index, the project thoroughly analyzes companies in terms of innovation and R&D, green supply chain, brand management, environmental protection, efficient utilization of resources, response to climate change, ESG risk management, and implementation of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Therefore, it identifies and summarizes companies’ strengths and opportunities in sustainable development and relevant risks and challenges, and provides companies with advice and excellent cases for reference. CBCSD has begun to provide consulting services for its board members and member companies, and it constantly furthers communication with them in order to improve consulting reports. Next, the council will try to provide professional and special consulting services for more member companies.