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The First SDIC Poverty Alleviation White Paper is Formally Released

On Nov. 8th, 2017, guided by the CSR Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, hosted by Forum of Social Responsibility and Zhongxiong Social Responsibility Institute, China Social Responsibility Forum was held in Beijing.

SDIC Vice President Qian Meng formally released Poverty Alleviation White Paper (1995-2017) and elaborated on the contents of the White Paper. It introduced the important measures and achievements in poverty alleviation work in the targeted areas during the past 22 years.

Since its establishment in 1995, SDIC has taken 9 counties in 4 provinces like Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Guizhou and Gansu as its targeted areas for poverty alleviation. The members of SDIC Group has helped 10 counties, 27 villages. Currently, SDIC headquarters has helped Luodian county, Pingtang county in Guizhou and Heshui county and Ningxian county in Gansu. In 2016, SDIC has helped 11875 people in poverty. By the end of June 2017, SDIC has accumulatively donated 530 million yuan.

SDIC set up a leading group for poverty alleviation work headed by the Chairman and made general plans and deployment for the work. In 2016, SDIC made a five-year plan for its poverty alleviation work. In its efforts to help the poverty-stricken areas, SDIC has always stuck to the principle of helping people to have their own ambition, intelligence and management of their own lives. SDIC combines the public-welfare-oriented blood-transmitting poverty alleviation with fund-investment-oriented hematopoietic reconstitution, gradually explores different modes for poverty alleviation work such as targeted alleviation, education alleviation, project alleviation, fund alleviation, precision alleviation and cadre alleviation.

SDIC started with infrastructure construction, helping local enterprises, relocation, labor export with a view to enhancing people’s livelihood and local economic development. Since 2007, SDIC has put in 22 million yuan for the portable water projects in Luodian county, Pingtang county in Guizhou. Since 2013, SDIC has donated 12 million yuan for road construction in Heshui county and Ningxian county of Gansu. Since 2016, SDIC helped Heshui county and Ningxian county of Gansu with comfortable housing project. SDIC helped those poor counties to develop industries with local advantage and SMEs. Since 2002, SDIC has provided 9.7 million yuan loan with interest discount to Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical Company and helped it to grow up. In 2010, Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical Company became the only publicly-listed company in Qiannan Prefecture.

In 2016, the disposable personal income (DPI) of Pingtang and Luodian county of Guizhou were 8206 yuan and 8711 yuan respectively registering a growth of 576.5% and 606.49% respectively. The DPI of Gansu Heshui and Ningxian county were 7373.6 yuan and 7356 yuan respectively, registering a growth of 455.2% and 399.7% respectively.

SDIC has been sticking to the principle of help the people in poor areas through education. It has helped schools with supporting facilities and provided financial help to poor students. By far, it has built 10 primary schools in targeted areas, one junior activity center in Pingtang and Luodian county in Guizhou and Dream Centers in Heshui and Ningxian county in Gansu and Pingtang and Luodian county in Guizhou. Since 2002, SDIC has donated 9.162 million yuan to the New Great Wall project funded by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA). Through this project, it has helped 3466 college students, 800 high school students and 12 high school classes for poverty-stricken students. By far, SDIC has accumulatively donated 52.29 million yuan.

75% SDIC projects are located in the western parts of China. SDIC takes into consideration of local poverty alleviation plans and combines engineering projects and poverty alleviation work. It gives priority to environmental improvement, improvement of road, water and electricity, broadening channels of employment and building primary schools. Yalongjiang Hydropower Development Co. Ltd., has paid tax of 13.176 billion yuan to Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture, tax of 677 million yuan to Sichuan Ganzi Prefecture. It has helped 14000 people to relocate people living in mountains and valleys. SDIC Luobopo Potash Co. Ltd., has provided 4000 direct employment opportunities for local people and over 10 thousand indirect employment opportunities.

SDIC has given full play to its role of investment management and explored new mode and mechanism of poverty alleviation. It has participated in two national level industrial funds for poverty alleviation with the scale of 15.003 billion yuan with a view to absorbing social capital to explore new ways poverty alleviation through industrial development in a marketizational way.