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The Dow China first western production base officially put into operation in Sichuan!

As the first western production base in China Dow, the newly completed production of Sichuan factory not only reflects the firm commitment of China Dow is committed to exploring emerging market in the west, it is the The Belt and Road "initiative response and support.

At present, the company has 17 production bases and 10 service centers in the Greater China region, a total of approximately 5000 employees . In early 2012, the Dow had discovered the development potential of the western region in the frontier region of The Belt and Road initiative, and the creation of the Western business center in Chengdu. Today, Sichuan factory production will enable Dow localization of manufacturing and service capacity has been greatly improved.

For coatings business, Dow acrylic emulsion and other star product and more innovative a series of new products will be the localization of production in the new factory. The factory in Sichuan will work together with the production base of Shanghai, Guangdong and other coating materials in Taiwan to provide diversified products and solutions for the localization of the West and the customers.

Green sustainable operation guide

With the formal operation of the new plant, Dow will establish a more comprehensive localization of innovation, manufacturing and service network, the "green and sustainable" concept of environmental protection will also give a more colorful western city.

Dow INVIZIPRO resistant stains, Dow's unique high performance and low odor, low VOC coating solution, formaldehyde removal Dow FORMASHIELD Dow, a new generation of various solutions, the Dow friction gravel water colorful paint color it dow system, reflective insulation coating solutions...... The Dow launched these innovative environmentally friendly products is the best interpretation of sustainable development efforts.

It's worth noting that in addition to environmental protection coating material of the product itself, the construction and operation of Sichuan new factory has been strictly follow the environment, health and safety standards globally consistent, and will serve as a model for sustainable operation of factory management. From this point the factory started at the beginning, now officially put into operation has never wavered.

The factory waste water, exhaust gas and solid waste will be the Dow advanced technology for processing and China comply with state and local environmental protection requirements. <strong style="box-sizing: border-box;"> In October 2017, due to environmental and safety standards of outstanding performance, the factory was awarded the Sichuan provincial government government incentive funds totaling 3 million 190 thousand yuan.</strong> Therefore, it is called the green sustainable operation of the benchmark is not an exaggeration.