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At SABIC, we challenge ourselves to develop better ideas in everything we do from solutions that enable our customers – and in turn their customers – to meet their sustainability goals, such as higher crop yields, cleaner energy, and better healthcare solutions, to inspiring employees to create ‘Chemistry that Matters™’.

Innovation gives our business an economic edge and helps us to ensure a sustainable future. We look at innovation through the lens of sustainability and built our 2025 strategy with these priorities in mind. We believe that by combining sustainability, technology, and innovation, we can create value that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

From a sustainability perspective, we examine megatrends such as climate change and resource scarcity, then we consider how they could potentially impact the business. We approach these global risks with a spirit of innovation while maximizing economic value for our customers and business.

For SABIC, innovation involves developing technologies to improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, reducing costs and environmental impacts, and creating the products and solutions our customers need. This approach generates many avenues for growth.

We incorporate sustainability into each step of our technological process from generating ideas to commercialization. By applying a methodology that promotes cost savings and breakthrough solutions, we create economic value across the value chain – all while ensuring we sustainably manage natural, social, and human capital for generations to come.