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CECEP Published its 2015 Social Responsibility Report

    The 2015 Annual Social Responsibility Report of CECEP was officially published on June 12, 2016, which delivered a generous gift to the 24th National Energy Conservation Propaganda Week. As the 6th corporate social responsibility report published by CECEP, it is the second social responsibility report rated as the “Five-star level” in a row by the Committee of Experts for Rating of Social Responsibility Report of Chinese Enterprises.

    Early in June 2015, with the publication of its 2014 Annual Social Responsibility Report, CECEP has simultaneously launched its preparation of the 2015 Annual Social Responsibility Report. Through referring to the preparation experience of international excellent social responsibility reports, CECEP determined its orientation and routine of improvement. It conducted researches and interviews on the topic of social responsibility and determined its emphasis on the disclosure of substantial topics. Guided by the thought of “combining innovation and convention & integrating generality with features”, CECEP built a system of comprehensive indicators for social responsibility with characteristics of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry. It constantly enriched and improved the CECEP “butterfly model” of “one body with two wings” as well as optimized CECEP’s six basic responsibility frameworks. Finally, based on opinions and suggestions from stakeholders, the 2015 Annual Social Responsibility Report of CECEP was prepared after being approved by President Wang Xiaokang.

    Looking back on the practices on CECEP’s social responsibility in 2015, the following features stood out:

    1. Centering on the enterprise purpose & guided by the enterprise spirit

    In 2015, CECEP, under the wise leadership of SASAC, has closely focused on the enterprise purposes of “making contributor at ease, making interested party trust, making interested party praise and making staffs happy”, centered on ensuring growth and always laid emphasis on main businesses, management and innovation. As a result, its total assets, operation revenue, total profit and other main indicators received a sustainable growth and the overall work made new progress, fulfilling practically its economic, political and social responsibilities. The total assets enjoyed a year-on-year growth of 15.4%; the operation revenue of 4.2%; the total profit of 12.1%; the net profit of 10.9% and the net profit belonging to the parent company of 22.9%, which proved that CECEP had completely reached the target of “ensuring growth”.

    Constantly guided by the socialist core values in its construction of enterprise culture, CECEP has built a spiritual home, which gained it high recognition from the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Civilization Office of the CPC Central Committee, SASAC and other relevant departments as well as staff in CECEP. It has set the image of “a responsible central enterprise”. CECEP was awarded as the “Five-Star Enterprise to Fulfill Social Responsibility in Chinese Industry” and obtained the “2015 Information Management Innovation Award for Chinese Energy Enterprises”, “Star of Charity in Haidian District” and other honorable awards. President Wang Xiaokang was awarded as one of “Ten Models of Enterprise Cultural Construction in ‘the 12th Five Year Plan’”.

    2. Focusing on green development & supported by innovation drive

    Innovation is the topic and principal line of CECEP’s sustainable development. Constantly adhering to the “double-wheel” innovation-driven strategy of science and talents, CECEP has innovated its business model continuously to effectively drive the healthy development in the whole industrial chain of energy conservation and environmental protection. CECEP attached great importance to the cultivation and promotion of capability of independent innovation and continuously deepen and expand its innovation system to develop advanced technologies and independent products in the industry. It has gained 230 patent licensing during last year, among which 52 are patents for invention. The CECEP Lattice Lighting Co., Ltd. participated in the “Project of Gallium Nitride-based Blue Light-emitting Devices on Silicon Substrates with High Photosynthetic Efficiency”, which obtained the first prize of National Award for Technological Invention. In addition, CECEP has deepened its communication in foreign talents and gained the “2015 Best Partner Award of the Sydney University”.

    The green development is the most basic foundation of CECEP. CECEP has gained a worldwide leading position in both scale and strength in several fields, including industrial ES, energy efficient building, solid waste, flue gas and heavy metal treatment, soil remediation, water treatment, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and recycled materials. In 2015, CECEP has produced green power of 9.85 billion kilowatt hours, saved standard coal of 3.13 million tons, reduced emission of carbon dioxide by 7.81 million tons, treated solid waste of 6.736 million tons and sewage of 0.602 billion tons and reduced a total amount of chemical oxygen demand by 125,800 tons.

    3. Aiming at win-win development & committed to make contributions to society

    The constant target of CECEP is to focus on mutual development, sharing of results and a win-win future with partners. In 2015, CECEP proactively implemented the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, established the “One Belt and One Road” leading group, held the “One Belt and One Road” and international business work conference and developed cooperation with 11 countries and regions including Germany and France, which has opened a new chapter in "Going Out" and implementation of “One Belt and One Road” of CECEP. The cooperation model has been transformed from joint model of single technology into the package introduction of business models, technologies, money and talents.

    “Making contributions to the society” has always been the responsibility promise and permanent mission of CECEP. CECEP has set the fulfillment of social responsibility as one of the significant factors for its selection of partners. It has been active in cooperation with related organizations and enterprises to strive for a good market environment with standard operation and fair competition. CECEP, through ways such as supporting characteristic industries, drove the regional industrial development and promoted the regional economical progress. It made use of its advantages to support the development in border areas - investing in 11 clean energy projects with a total amount of RMB 1.46 billion. Besides, it actively organized voluntary activities to promote development in social public welfare and brought love and warmth to the society with a donation of money and goods of more than RMB 4.3251 million. CECEP selected and assigned the second temporary Deputy Head and the first Major Secretary of Party Branch staying at village for the Songxian County, Henan Province and gave assistance in the improvement of local infrastructures in science, education, culture, health and transportation, making due contributions in fighting poverty. Therefore, CECEP was rated as the “Advanced Collective of China’s Central Committee and State Organs for Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Henan”.

    4. Implementing “Five Major Development Concepts” & making a good start for 13th Five Year Plan

    In 2016, CECEP faces the future and shoulders heavy responsibility with confidence. Guided by the spirit of the 18th National Congress, the third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, CECEP will stick to the development concepts of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Openness and Sharing” and the strategic orientation of “build a word-class scientific service-oriented industrial group in energy conservation and environmental protection” and focus on three major tasks - “transformation & upgrading, management improvement and work style construction”. It will lay emphasis on innovative development, strive to advance quality and efficiency and accelerate the construction in marketization, specialization, standardization, informatization and internationalization so as to make a good start for the “13th Five Year Plan”.