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Young entrepreneurs urge G20 leaders to support 'smart entrepreneurship'

The world's young entrepreneurs called on Thursday upon the leaders of the G20 to address global growth and unemployment concerns by committing to policies that promote entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise education.

At the seventh annual G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance (YEA) Summit in Beijing, more than 300 young entrepreneurs issued a communique calling upon the G20 leaders, meeting in Hangzhou, China, to adopt policies based on global consultations with thousands of young entrepreneurs and supported by research conducted for the Alliance by its knowledge partners, Accenture, EY and the G20/G8 Research Group.

"The link with B20 and the YEA is like a number of other engagement groups representing particular segment. There is obviously a much closer relationship between B20 and YEA than the others. Young entrepreneurs are the driving force for future business. The reason we do separately is that young entrepreneurs can very much be focused on again, and have that networking opportunity, as well as opportunities to talk about issues, for example, making innovation around entrepreneurship, easier around electronic world trading platform," said Robert Milliner, B20 Australia Sherpa.

As for new opportunities of doing business in China, Xia Bing, president of G20 YEA China, said: "Through the vast reforms and changing trends in recent years, it is apparent that the Chinese mindset toward the outside world has experienced massive change. China is proving to be a country adopting open-mindedness and embracing the international culture while finding synergies with its own. We hope that, in turn, this openness is also causing the outside world to better understand China, perceiving it in a more colorful, pluralistic way."