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Energy Efficiency Forum underlines US-China cooperation

The eighth US-China Energy Efficiency Forum has been held in Denver, in the US State of Colorado.

At the forum, both sides agreed that Sino-US cooperation is essential to the low-carbon and green development of the world.

Hosted by China's National Development and Reform Commission and the US Department of Energy, the US-China Energy Efficiency Forum is part of an action plan under the US-China Framework for the Ten Year Cooperation on Energy and Environment.

Speaking at the forum, an official from US Department of Energy, Daniel Simons said China and the US share great prospects in energy cooperation.

"Our countries are the world's two largest energy consumers. World-wide energy consumption is expected to continue rising through most of the 21st century. To meet our future energy demand, we have the opportunity to drive economic growth and create new industries, save consumers money, and reduce pollution."

China and the US are the world's largest economies, with the two accounting for 37% and 40% of the world's total economic output and energy consumption respectively.

According to National Reform and Development Commission official Ren Shuben, the two large energy consumers also share common goals in conserving energy and improving energy efficiency, and should tap into each other's strengths.

"The US has advanced technology in energy conservation and environmental protection while China has a large market. We hope China and the US can tap into our strengths and promote cooperation between enterprises and research institutions. We should also strengthen the trade and economic cooperation in energy conservation, equipment, products, and related services."

Ren added that related cooperation between China and the US has already set a model, with the forum witnessing the signing of 21 projects.

Cummins is the world's largest independent engine producer.

At the forum, the company signed a memorandum with China's Beiqi Foton Motor company, with plans to develop green power and smart trucks.

Cummins vice president, Steven Chapman, said their joint venture with Foton proved to be profitable for both sides, which convinced them of the potential for further cooperation.

"I would say we strongly support the cooperation between the US and China. It's really very critical… it's critical to the world. You know not just economically but politically. And I think there are so many strong ties between the US and China."

Commenting on US government moves on Sino-US economic and trade ties, Foton's deputy manager, Gong Yueqiong said they shared a same stance with their US partners.

"All I've heard from our US partners are positive remarks. They even plan to communicate with their government. So in this regard, I believe we and our partners share a same stance. And we wish US government can be realistic and think for the longer term."