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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Will Promote Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said it will promote green manufacturing, improve environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and encourage the sustainable and healthy development of the environmental protection industry.

The MIIT envisions that by 2020 Chinese groups will register key breakthroughs in core environmental protection equipment manufacturing technologies, the country’s main technical equipment will be on par with advanced international ones, ten leading enterprises with USD1.5 billion (CNY10 billion) apiece as well as thousands of small and medium-sized business focusing on specific areas will pop up, and the output of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will reach CNY1 trillion, reported.

The MIIT said that it will foster the Internet of Things, robotics, automation equipment and the application of information management software in production; improve the intelligent manufacturing of environmental protection equipment and information management; promote green design, green technology, and the application of green supply chain in environmental protection equipment manufacturing; create benchmarks for energy and water efficiency as well as emissions in production processes to create a green demonstration plant and develop the green manufacturing industry.

The MIIT suggested that China should advance core technologies for air pollution, water pollution, solid waste treatment and soil pollution cleanup.