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MEP announces the Comprehensive Catalogue for Environmental Protection (2017)

MEP sent copies of the Comprehensive Catalogue for Environmental Protection (2017) (hereinafter referred to the Catalogue) to 14 line departments including NDRC, MoF, MOFCOM and PBC, and released the full text to the public in the meantime.

The Ministry has been updating the Catalogue since 2007. The 2017 version comprises of two parts, Part A is the inventory of products causing high pollution and with high environmental risks (shortly known as the inventory of “two high” products), which includes 885 entries of products, and Part B is the inventory of key environmental equipment, which includes 72 entries of equipment.

Specifically, the “two high” products range from over 50 varieties of products which cause considerable amount of pollutants such as SO2, NOx, CODcr, and NH3-H, more than 40 varieties of products generating a considerable amount of VOCs, nearly 200 plus products causing heavy metal pollution, to almost 570 varieties of products with high environmental risks.

The Catalogue has been playing an important role in the taxation, trade, and financing sectors. The “two high” products have been removed from the list of export rebate and prohibited from processing and trade for many times.

To serve the market players, the Catalogue on the one hand lists the “two high” products and processes restricted by the central government, and on the other hand, suggests exclusive environment-friendly equipment that helps mitigate pollution and improve the ecological environment quality.

The Catalogue is a useful tool to guide the government, the industry, the NGOs, and the public in the environmental governance.

(This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)