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The annual National Energy Efficiency Promotion Week and National Low-carbon Day inaugurated

The 2018 annual National Energy Efficiency Promotion Week, National Low-carbon Day and Beijing Energy Efficiency Promotion Week and Low-carbon Day activities were inaugurated in Beijing on Monday by the NDRC, MEE, and Beijing municipal people's government.

High-ranking officials with the said three organizations presented at and spoke at the inauguration ceremony. A senior official with the CYL Central Committee participated.

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have highly valued the climate change issue, and for the past few years, taken strong policies and actions to effectively control the greenhouse gas emissions and made great strides in addressing climate change, said the official with MEE. With the concerted efforts of the whole society, the carbon intensity went down about 46 percent in 2017 from the 2005 level, preliminarily reversing the fast growth trend of carbon emission for a period in the past, and paving the way for achieving the obligatory carbon intensity objectives for the 13th Five-Year Plan period and China's Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) objectives by 2030. He stressed the importance to earnestly study the Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization and implement the guiding principles of the National Conference on Ecological and Environmental Protection, have a deep understanding of Xi's important statements on addressing climate change, enhance the team building, and work closely with the NDRC and other State departments and commissions to advance the follow-up negotiation process of the Paris Agreement, enhance the institutional and capacity building of the carbon emission trading system, and work to implement the INDC action plans and long-term, low-carbon development strategy. Also, it is important to accelerate the policy coordination and action plan on climate change response and low-carbon development, and make full use of the role of climate change response in promoting high-quality growth, advancing ecological progress, and coordinating environmental pollution, in order to move forward with the climate change undertaking.

The week from June 11 through 17 is the National Energy Efficiency Promotion Week with the theme of "energy conservation and lower energy consumption for blue sky". June 13 marks the National Low-carbon Day with the theme of "raise climate change awareness and enhance low-carbon initiatives". Activities will be organized by local governments and relevant departments to celebrate the two events.