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China Leads Global Renewable Energy Development

According to the website of the Italian Institute of International Affairs, China's position in the field of renewable energy has become increasingly prominent and is becoming the protagonist of the global energy structure transformation. China is not only the world's largest producer of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels, but also the world's leading producer and largest inflow of renewable energy.

According to The New York Times, China’s Clean Energy Initiative has brought about positive changes. Expertise such as floating solar power plants will help China respond more effectively to climate change, and China has built a competitive advantage in renewable energy utilization. At the same time, it also makes China a partner in many countries looking for energy solutions.

Recently, the report released by the United Nations Renewable Energy Consultation showed that China has become the world's largest investor in renewable energy for the seventh consecutive year. In 2018, China's investment in renewable energy accounted for almost one-third of the world's total, reaching $91.2 billion. China's renewable energy supply is growing, and renewable energy technology is also a world leader.

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, from scratch to catching up, the leap-forward development of renewable energy has become the most dazzling bright spot in China's energy field. In recent years, the global energy market is undergoing an unprecedented transformation: renewable energy, represented by solar and wind energy, has become mainstream. In this process of coping with climate change and accelerating energy transformation, China's green new business card as the “largest renewable energy source” is also getting brighter.

China has made many achievements in the field of renewable energy

First of all, China is the “largest renewable energy source”, and the installed capacity of renewable energy such as wind power and solar energy is the highest in the world. As of June 2019, China's wind power installed capacity was 193 million kilowatts, accounting for 10.5% of the total installed capacity. Photovoltaic installed capacity of 136 million kilowatts, accounting for 7.4% of the total installed capacity, photovoltaic installation has achieved the 2020 goal ahead of schedule. The leap-forward development of renewable energy has become increasingly prominent, greatly optimizing China's energy structure and making outstanding contributions to China's multiple goals such as energy security, air pollution control and greenhouse gas emission control.

Second, the level of China's renewable energy technology and equipment has been significantly improved, and key components have been basically localized. The number of related new patents is at the forefront of the international market, and a complete industrial chain with international advanced level has been constructed. China has become the world's largest producer of wind turbines and photovoltaic equipment, and its international competitiveness has increased significantly. As a strategic emerging industry, renewable energy-related industries have become pillar industries of wind and light resources provinces such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Gansu, and have played an important role in optimizing local economic structure, contributing fiscal revenue, and creating employment opportunities.

Third, the development of China's renewable energy, including the improvement of technology and the cost reduction caused by the expansion of the market scale, has greatly reduced the threshold for the use of renewable energy, which makes huge growth of renewable energy in the world. contribution. Through the “One Belt and One Road” and South-South cooperation mechanisms, China has helped developing countries to increase the power penetration rate, improve the quality of the atmospheric environment and control greenhouse gas emissions.

There are multiple drivers behind the strong development of renewable energy in China

First, it is highly valued in strategy. In addition to seeing renewable energy as an important pillar of the energy revolution strategy and highlighting its importance for energy security, environmental protection and climate change, China sees the development of renewable energy-related industries as a new growth point. The important areas of new kinetic energy have become an important support for deepening supply-side structural reforms and building a modern economic system, and have been clearly proposed as important development goals in major strategies and plans.

The second is a relatively complete supporting policy system. The government has introduced a renewable energy tariff policy, which adjusts the on-grid tariffs for wind power and photovoltaic power generation in a timely manner based on technological advancement and cost reduction, and clarifies relevant subsidy policies, focusing on the policies and management methods for renewable energy grid-connected power generation. In terms of financial incentives, the government has expanded the scale of funds to support the development of renewable energy and improved the process of collecting and issuing funds.

Third, China's huge renewable energy technology and product market and China's growing manufacturing capacity constitute a virtuous circle. This virtuous circle promotes China's supply and demand, and both renewable energy equipment production and installed capacity become the world's number one, constantly improving the level of independent technology, and gradually moving toward high-end in the global value chain.

Accelerating global energy transformation and realizing green and low-carbon development has become the common mission of the international community today. China has long sought a strategic positioning, improved support policies, provided financial incentives, consolidated investment and financing mechanisms, and focused on the integration of research and development, capital, markets, and product multi-factors, contributing to "China's wisdom" for the world's renewable energy development.

Today, in the process of transforming into an innovative development path, China is demonstrating sustainable development frameworks and sharing experiences to other countries through the “One Belt, One Road” green cooperation, so as to eliminate dependence on traditional high-carbon growth models and pursue lower emissions. Low-pollution innovation and efficient development path to promote the transformation of global low-carbon development.

In the field of renewable energy, China has the world's leading manufacturing capacity and high-quality production capacity, relatively abundant capital capacity and huge domestic market potential. In the future, by deepening the global supply chain layout and specialized division of labor, and strengthening innovation in renewable energy technology research and development and business models, China will continue to reduce the application cost of renewable energy technologies, expand the market space of related technologies and products worldwide, and reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, promote economic prosperity and create jobs, and achieve a rebalancing of the global economy.