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CBCSD supporting WBCSD’s Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project (EEB 2.0) in China

Together with World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( WBCSD), CBCSD proactively participate in the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project (EEB 2.0). A decision has been made from the conference on 24th, Oct. to hold an Energy Efficiency in Buildings seminar in Shanghai from 2nd, Dec. to 5th, Dec. On the basis of the EBB 1.0, the project group will establish the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratory Technical Committee and invite stakeholders to conduct face to face interviews to promote the local anticipation in China and present whole market value created by the investment on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

The Technical Committee of EBB 2.0 consists of representatives and invited experts from WBCSD, CBCSD and ULI. Aiming at analyzing how to overcome the investment barriers on energy efficiency in buildings, the Technical Committee plans to interview 30 stakeholders including entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and decision makers on public services and policies during the conference in Shanghai, which contributes to synthesizing local business knowledge and insight, inspiring other stakeholders to provide powerful values and proposals in their own areas. The participation of CBCSD’s board members and members are sincerely welcomed.