EU Ready to Implement Paris Global Climate Change Agreement
The EU Committee made a report based on its assessment of the Paris Global Climate Change Agreement's interest to EU and that how EU should carry out the deal. The major summary of the report are as follows: 1. The Paris Agreement is the first multilateral agreement on climate change that involves almost all countries in the world. 2. The Paris Agreement should be signed and approved as soon as possible and the council is advised to make the signing decision on behalf of EU. 3. The EU needs to prepare for regular review. 4. Legislation on climate and energy should be legislated in 2030. 5. Energy Transition. The EU needs to optimize the political environment for transformation towards low-carbon economy through the implementation of various policies and tools. 6. Global diplomacy and world sports. The EU needs to step up diplomatic efforts, keep its healthy momentum and support other countries in implementing the Agreement and plans on climate.