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Vice President of Novozymes A/S and Regional President, Novozymes China,Mr.Michael Fredskov Christiansen


Michael Fredskov Christiansen

Mr. Michael Fredskov Christiansen took office as Regional President of Novozymes China since July 2008. He is also vice President of Novozymes A/S.   

Mr. Christiansen joined the Novo Group in 1996, coming from a senior manager position in the American audit and consulting group Arthur Andersen. During 1996-2001, he served as Senior Finance Manager for the Healthcare Business in China. In 2001 Mr. Christiansen took over the responsibility for Finance, IT and Legal for Novozymes Emerging Markets and later the Asia-Pacific group. Mr. Christiansen has held senior management positions outside Novozymes for two other Danish conglomerates based in Asia. 

Mr. Christiansen holds a Master degree in Finance, Law and Audit from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, and is a certified Public Accountant from the Danish Association of Certified Public Accountants.  

Mr. Christiansen is Board Member of Western Academy of Beijing, a leading international school in China.