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Standing Vice President of CEC; Sectary General of CBCSD,Mr.Hu Xinxin

 Hu Xinxin

Standing Vice President of CEC; Sectary General of CBCSD; Vice Director of the Commission of National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement; Standing Vice Director of Management Consulting Committee of China; Vice President of China Consumers’ Association

1968-1977, worked in Beijing Mentougou Coal Mine
1977-1981, studied in Department of Journalism, Beijing Broadcasting Academy
1982-1988, worked at the office of Policy Studies in National Trade and Development Association, focusing on policy studies of corporate management and reform
1988-1991, worked in Department of Policies and Regulations in State Commission for Restructuring Economy, focusing on national economy system reform and corporations reform studies
1991-1995, Vice General Manager of Guangzhou Wanbao Electornics Group and Chairman of Panasonic-Wanbao Joint-Venture
1995-19997, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Lvdanlan Group
1997-1998, General Manager of Netherland Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd.
1999, Vice President of CEC and CEDA.
2008—Present, Vice President of CEC and Standing Vice President of CEDA