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Mr. Liu Peng--Director of Green Building Design & Research Center, China Architecture Design & Research Institute

Man, graduated from the Harbin Institute of Architectural Engineering and obtained the bachelor’s degree in the water supply & drainage major in 1992, got the qualifications of registered public facility engineer and professor-level senior engineer respectively in 2006 and 2007.

He is the director and chief engineer of Green Building Design & Research Center, China Architecture Design & Research Institute. He is also the committee member and secretary-general of the Hot Water Sub-Committee, Water Supply and Wastewater Association, Architectural Society of China (ASC), the deputy secretary-general of the Architectural Water Supply and Wastewater Association, China Civil Engineering Society, the assessment expert of the National Excellent Engineering Design Architectural Design Industry, China Exploration & Design Association, the committee member of Green Building Committee of MOHURD, the assessment expert of Green Building Labeling Office of MOHURD, the assessment expert of Green Building of Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the member of Green Industry Architecture Group of China Green Building Committee, the editorial committee member of “Water Supply and Drainage”, the expert of China Green Building Evaluation Committee, the member of the expert database of the NDRC National Energy Conservation Center, the expert of National Investment Project Assessment Center, NDRC, the assessment expert of Energy-saving Projects of Departments Directly under the Central Government, the expert of Smart City Energy-saving Committee, the expert of Resilient City Propagation and Implement Group of MOHURD, the consultant of Zhongguancun Standard Innovation Service Center, the senior consultant of Guangdong Mengrun Group, the member of Asia-Pacific CPVC.

In recent years, as the major person in charge, he has participated the 41 large engineering design projects, including the National Stadium (Bird Nest), in which 18 projects were named the National, Provincial and Ministerial Good Design Awards. He has chaired and participated 3 national research projects in the 11th Five-year Plan period and 1research project in the 12th Five-year Plan period. He has published 49 papers and written 6 professional books as the principal authors. He was the main drafter of the “Engineering Technical Code for Rain Utilization in Building and Sub-district”, the founder of CLEAN method for new district sustainable development.

As the major person in charge, he has completed the following projects:

1.The special research of new technologies’ application of energy saving in Guangzhou Asian Games village and venues;
2.The NPC office building energy-saving program;
3.The assessment of energy-saving programs of state organs, Government Offices Administration of the State Council;
4.The general planning of conservation-minded campus construction of Beijing Normal University;
5.The special planning of renewable energy in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city;
6.The eco-special planning of Beijing Future Science & Technology Park;
7.The low-carbon special planning of Wuhan Science and Technology Exhibition Center;
8.The low-carbon special planning of Zhengzhou Yanming Lake;
9.The special planning of water resources of the China Mobile International Information Port;
10.The Green Ecological Planning of Tsitsihar Green Specialty Foods Processing Industrial Park ;
11.The policy research of “the Metering Regulatory System of Large Public Building”;
12.The Public Sector Energy-saving Regulations;
13.The chief editor of the “Building Energy Conservation Handbook”.