Baosteel Engineering Wins Shanghai "Jingang" Awards

Recently, Shanghai 2012 "Jingang Award" projects are announced. Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group wins two grand prizes and one Jingang award.

The two Baosteel Engineering projects which win Jingang Award grand prizes are Shenfu new city "Circle of Life" buildings and large aircraft development and security condition construction project 2nd phase installation plant. Shenfu new town "Circle of Life" project is located in Liaoning Shenfu new town economic development zone, near the artificial lake. The steel structure total height is 154 meters, its width is 170 meters and its weight is 3,500 tons. It is a landscape architecture with sight-seeing function. The large aircraft security condition construction project project 2nd installation plant is one of the key construction projects of China Commercial Aircraft. By the end of last year, Baosteel Engineering completed the supply of single body steel structure and enclosure structure under construction.

It is known that the two projects which win Baosteel Engineering "Jingang Awards" belong to the field of non-MCC projects.

Shanghai "Jingang" Awards is sponsored and organized by Shanghai Metal Structure Industry Association and is selected once a year. The selection range is within the projects across the nation undertaken by construction enterprises registered in Shanghai. It is an excellent quality award in Shanghai construction metal structure engineering production and installation field. A total of 90 projects apply for 2012 "Jingang" awards. After experts' on-site inspection and jury assessment, ultimately a total of 71 projects win the prizes, among which seven grand prizes.