Centering on the theme of sustainable development of enterprises,Baosteel Ltd. made technical exchange on energy conservation and emission reduction with Posco

Recently 2013 Baosteel —— Posco Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction Technical Exchange Conference was held in Baoshan Hotel. Centering on the theme of sustainable development of enterprises, the attendees from both parties made in-depth exchange and discussion on environmental policies of steel industry, R&D and application of waste heat recovery & utilization, energy efficiency improvement and enhancement of power plant, air cleaning technique and problems solving, as well as comprehensive utilization of solid wastes, and reached some common understanding.
Posco Korea is one of the most competitive steelmakers in the world. For a long time, Posco has always attached much importance to the impact of climatic change on the development of corporate business, carried out the research and application of many cutting-edge technologies in respect of climatic change, and has accumulated rich experiences and practical cases in carbon risk and change management, carbon management system construction, energy efficiency improvement, participation in the carbon market, investment & development of renewable energy, advocation of green life style inside and outside the company, as well as participation in international cooperation on GHG emission mitigation.
Baosteel Ltd. lays stress on environmental protection, pursues sustainable development, is the first enterprise in Chinese metallurgical industry to pass ISO14001 environmental certification and among the first batch of the enterprises to pass the national energy management system standard GB/T23331—2009 certification in 2010. Baosteel Ltd. is also one of the first enterprises to win the titles including "National environmental friendly enterprise", "clean production and environmental friendly enterprise" in Chinese steel industry, "China green company" benchmarking enterprise by China entrepreneur association.
In the new round development planning period, Baosteel Ltd. will insist in the scientific outlook on development, practise environmental management strategy, and comprehensively enhance the atmospheric and water pollution and emission reduction control level through the operation efficiency improvement and project-based technical revamping of emission reduction facilities; through enclosure of facilities in raw material area, improvement of plant greening, plant boundary protection improvement, logistics optimization, ecological zone innovation and landscape culture integration, to comprehensively enhance the plant appearance and environmental image of green manufacturing plant; through the sturdy environmental protection foundation and cutting-edge mechanism and innovation research, to form sufficient prospective and demonstrative environmental protection technology reserves; through the in-depth research and project implementation of metallurgical solid waste resources “3R” (reducing, re-utilization and recycling); through pollution control facilities, resource utilization process information construction and environmental protection system capability improvement, to comprehensively enhance the foundational management and process control level; through the elimination of visual pollution, eradication of undesirable odor drift, governance of plant boundary noise, ex-works control of wastes, participation in surrounding planning, resources reward, interaction with the community and image design, etc. to improve the communal identity of environment, create the new type community-enterprise relationship featuring coherent co-existence and common development, insightfully explore the road of sustainable development for urban type steelmakers, and make unremitting efforts in order to become an exemplary steelmaker of green manufacturing and circular economy.
PM2.5 monitoring, carbon emission management, energy efficiency improvement, medium- and low-temperature waste heat recovery, etc. are the "hot words" in the exchange and discussion between both parties, which also bring forward the new topics and new directions for the technical exchanges between both parties in future. Both parties have the consensus that they will strength information communication with an open mind, and explore the approaches of sustainable development of steel industry together, to create the beautiful future.