CBCSD "1+3" CSR Program

China Business Council for Sustainable Development "1+3" Corporate Social Responsibility Program

China Business Council for Sustainable Development(CBCSD)takes serious attitude to implement the scientific development outlook and policies and regulations of shaping harmonious society. In terms of sustainable development, some activities have been actively promoted such as dialogue, communication and cooperation between enterprises, government and social organizations and institutions. Some programs have been underway in terms of environment protection, workplace safety, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development reporting, changes in energy and climate, recycled economy, energy efficiency in construction, sustainable development and facility construction in water use as well as various kinds of training programs, propelling enterprises to go ahead in terms of sustainable development.

I. Outline of cooperate social responsibility program.

CBCSD attaches high attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). After two years of hard work, we, together with some companies concerned finished the compiling of “Chinese CSR Recommended Standard and Application Examples”. Our member companies provided us with their valuable experience and fruitful result for the “Chinese CSR Recommended Standard and Application Examples”, as referred standard in terms of promoting CSR in China to more deepened level. In order to conduct CSR, CBCSD has set up the CSR program team with leading heads from our council companies, BASF China, COSCO Group and CIMIC Group.
On Oct 17th 2006, the program team held the seminar of “Chinese CSR Recommended Standard and Application Examples”. In the seminar, experts from Peking University gave lecture of CSR Recommended Standard and application system, while some senior executives from SGCC, BASF China,Arcelor China ,Bayer China, and Shell China, so on our member companies, introduced their experience in CSR and discussed the diversities in CSR application by different companies. The successful experiences were shared to further promote advance in CSR.
The "1+3" mode of CSR is raised by CBCSD council. That is: one member company leads another three firms in his supplier line to form a team whose target is to spread the CSR concept among the supplier line. Furthermore, the best demonstration examples, professional knowledge and well-tailored solutions will be used to lead cooperation partners to promote the sustainable development for the enterprises. After the three companies get benefit from that, they again will lead another three firms in the supplier lines of their own to conduct the "1+3" mode of CSR. In this way, the best examples of CSR are expected to be spread in wide application field and to improve management competence of the company in interacted manner. The program of "1+3" CSR is the benefit to innovation in the mode of business cooperation and will also bring added value to the companies involved, upgrading their brand images in the eye of governmental departments, industry association and social publics.
CBCSD believes that CSR will be realized in a long time with constant improvements, requiring extended promotion activities. The "1+3" program mode will perform its “Snowball Effect” to affect more and more companies. Mr. Johny Kwan, board chairman with BASF as CBCSD director, expressed that “BASF prefers to be a bee-typed company, spreading the concept of CSR and best application measures among our supplier partners, industry and wider business platforms. And today’s meeting is also a key action in guaranteeing enterprise’s stable business development in long term.” You Xiaoping, CEO of the cooperative partnership company, Huafeng Group said that “ we are very happy as a fast booming private company that CBCSD led us into such mode and we promise hereby that we will fully upgrade our management level to erect our company image in CSR and contribute to establishment of harmonious society”. Xie Lin, board chairman of Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Logistic Company Limited also excitedly expressed in the inauguration ceremony that “we will conduct and promote the 1+3 program mode and actively promote companies to undertake their CSR”.
CBCSD drives the work in development and promotion of CSR "1+3" program into deepened level, making CSR concept involved in companies’ development strategy, operation concept and mode, further extending the program mode of "1+3" in supplier line system to more business partners. We will study together with the companies involved in the "1+3" mode to constantly improve ourselves and jointly to promote the balanced development between Chinese economy, environment and society, contributing to the cause of sustainable development.

II. Application procedures for CSR “1+3”program.

1、CBCSD will raise out the advocate to all member companies of "1+3"-mode-based CSR implementation. Those member companies are responsible for contacting companies in their supplier lines to participate in the program. The member companies and companies in their supplier lines, which have confirmed their intention, will be invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of "1+3" mode program, where their experience to be shared , the signature and launch ceremony to be arranged.
2、Member companies will introduce their application cases while CBCSD will be responsible for organizing activities like experience communication, study and training at the request of participant companies.
3、Under the support of CBCSD, our member companies will help their three partners to understand the situation of the member companies, making analysis and clarification that what the actual requirement should be in terms of sustainable development with detailed target and early plan solution.
4、Member companies will be responsible for laying out partial and total plan schedule for their partner companies to fit for their industry characteristics and demand. Also the member company will help them to implement the plan and summarize achievement in stage on stage basis.
5、The three partner companies of the member company will make promise that they should continue to promote the "1+3" program and will start another round of activities for CSR "1+3" program under the help of CBCSD.

III. CBCSD actively promotes activities concerned.

1、On the date of April 16, 2007, CBCSD held the inauguration ceremony of CSR "1+3" program in Beijing, where the signature ceremonies were arranged for participation in CSR"1+3”program by the first and second batch of companies .
2、During the program implementation, some news regarding member companies and industry leader companies in terms of CSR will be released.
3、In terms of CSR, latest news of WBCSD and any practice and improvement by the member company of CBCSD will be released;
4、CBCSD plans to promote "Chinese CSR Recommended Standard and Application Examples" in 2007, based on which to held the inauguration ceremony of CSR"1+3" program & CSR seminar for small and middle sized enterprises in Yangtze River Delta, the relative developed region for industrial and commercial business development. Some excellent application examples by those small and middle sized enterprises will be collected as topics to further promote the development of CSR by small and middle sized companies.
5、As plan by the end of 2007, the first batch of companies involved will summarize their activities to better promote the development of CSR"1+3" program.
6、In order to further promote the development of CSR among those partner companies, CBCSD will also start cooperation in CSR with State Environmental Protection Administration of China and WBCSD so on.
With our work done deeply, CBCSD will extend the "1+3" CSR program to other sustainable development programs to dashingly accelerate the progress in sustainable development for industrial and commercial enterprises.

IV. Demonstration cases

Member companies of CBCSD have done a lot of work in CSR, promoting the effective application in sustainable development programs. During the CSR"1+3" program, BASF take lead in action early with successful experience, which is now shared as follows:
After the program started, partner companies participated in the training on Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and “Chinese CSR Recommended Standard and Application Examples”. By Dec 2006, BASF had successfully extended the CSR"1+3" program to its 6 partner companies. Driven by BASF, China Business School, Bayer, Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, Merck Chemical, Degussa China、Rohmhaas and DSM jointly invite 25 companies engaged in chemical industry in China to participate in the training of Responsibility Care.
2、Define the priority for cooperation field
In Jan 2007, the partner companies of CSR "1+3" program had discussion on the priority in cooperation field. By the means of questionnaire survey, 6 partner companies were confirmed in their priority for cooperation field. Based on that, BASF set up 6 side-program team with team member from BASF customer representative and expert in environmental protection safety and health.
3、On spot inspection
In March 2007, partner companies of CSR "1+3" program launched inspection with title "Safety in My eye". The side program team paid a visit to the production field of partner companies to understand the situation in workplace safety, environmental protection and health affair management. They also raised the early advice to the detailed work in the cooperation field.
On April 6, 2007, a 25-person delegation paid a visit to BASF plant located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. The delegation was consisted of executives responsible for production safety and environmental protection from Huafeng Group, Zhejiang KAIPUTE, Royal Vopak China and Beijing Plaschem, etc. After the visit, sideline meetings were underway.
On April 12, 2007, an 8- person delegation by China Liby and Zhejiang Qiming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd paid a visit to BASF plant in Pudong of Shanghai.
4、Define work plan
Base on the above preparation, the partner companies of CSR"1+3" confirmed the work plan for CSR"1+3" after serious study. And now the partner companies of CSR"1+3" are implementing their work according to the plan.

We are convinced that under the promotion effort jointly by CBCSD and our member companies, the “Snowball Effect” will bring us the result of 1+3=9……more and more. If all the industrial and commercial companies take action and more stakeholders join us, the general atmosphere for sustainable development will be shaped. The program will be conducted into deepened level as guarantee to speeding up the sustainable development of enterprises.