CBCSD's suggestions on CSR "1+3"

Goals and project Model:
 Introduce recommended CSR standard and share the best practice via supply chain management
 Help initiate and improve the CSR management at local SMEs
 The 3 beneficiaries committed to duplicate the model

Key benefit to member company:
 MNCs are competing to be perceived as a SD leader in China, CBCSD is one of good platforms to help leverage member companies’ SD image.
 Innovative way to foster business relationship via adding value to our business partners beyond day-to-day business.
 Enhance member company brand among Gov (SAWS/SEPA), chemical industry and public

Potential Prior Projects (use BASF as a reference):
 Improve site management in one of the RC code area
 Help establish or improve road and transportation safety
 Help establish or improve preparedness for Community dialogue