BASF “1+3” CSR Project


"1+3":Building a responsible value chain
Under "1+3", BASF forms a team with three types of business partners, customer, supplier and logistics service provider along the supply chain, with the aim of promoting CSR and giving guidance in the form of best practices, expertise and customised solutions. The three partner companies then each introduce the same concept to three further business partners in their own supply chain. A snowball effect is created.

"1+3" CSR project was included in the United Nations Global Compact Yearbook twice in 2007 and 2009 as a best CSR practice. And to date, the project has already reached more than 130 domestic companies.

“1+3”:Cooperation for sustainability

1st round program initiated in 2006 with 6 partners and completed in 2008

2nd round program started in July 2009 with 12 partners and finished in February 2011.

3rd round program launched with 9 partners on March 27th ,2012

Partners have made achievements in their environment, health and safety (EHS) and production management, particularly in the fields of environmental protection, transportation safety, and emergency response. BASF's partners are now spreading the concept along their own value chain.