China-US join hands in green development and recycling economy: CBCSD and USBCSD attend the 5th China-US strategic and economic dialogue and made presentations on Ecopartnership

July 12 Washington DC time, the representatives from CBCSD and USBCSD attended the one-day event of Ecopartnership seminar in Washington DC and exchanged views on the project.


During the seminar, the leaders from US State Department and NDRC addressed the meeting and made detailed introductions to the concept, current development, achievements and future agenda of ecopartnership. Later on, existing partners made presentations on their cooperations and future implementation plans. The representatives from CBCSD and USBCSD made keynote speeches on BPS project, introducing the professionalism (by-sector) and regionalism (Qinhuangdao, Huainan Industrial Park) of the project to the Secretariat of China-US Ecopartnerships of NDRC and US State Department. The future agenda was also introduced in detail.

The seminar was held during the 5th China-US Strategy and Economy Dialogue. Mr Yang Jiechi, representative of Chairman Xi Jinping and Chinese State Councilor, and Mr Burns,Deputy Secretary of the US Department of State attended the signing ceremony of China-US Ecopartnership on July 11. Until now there have been 24 pairs of partners including 18 old ones that had already signed. Yang Jiechi said that as the innovation mechanism under the 10-Year Energy and Environment Cooperation Framework, Ecopartnership established a good platform for local governments, enterprises and research institutes of the two countries to complement each other and to realize mutual benefits; he also expressed the hope that China-US Ecopartnership would make great contributions to the sustainable development and new major power relations.