NDRC: efforts to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system

On December 29, the 2016 National Energy Working Conference was held in Beijing. Mr. Nur Bekri, deputy director of the NDRC and director of the National Energy Administration, demonstrated to build a clean, low-carbon, secure and efficient modern energy system. Mr. Xu Shaoshi, director of the NDRC required the national energy systems to work on reform and innovation, to forge ahead to presuming the present and further energy development. Firstly, concentrated on the supply side, the energy reform should be accelerated to absorb overcapacity prudently. To improve industrial distribution and the Electric Peak load regulation capacity, promote foreign investment and cooperation in energy field; Secondly, leading by the innovation, we should enhance the driving force for the energy reform, speed up mature technologies’ industrialization, strengthen the core competiveness of traditional equipment, cultivate strategic emerging industrials and push forward the electric power system and the oil and gas system reforms; Thirdly, in order to expand the effective demand, we should provide with clean, convenient and intelligent energy service. We should encourage the development of the new energy consumption forms, help the energy development in key regions and carry out the construction of power transformation and distribution network in rural areas; finally, we need to unite the party affairs construction of convergent service, to propel the functional transformation and the attitude construction into a new stage.