China constructs first pure-electric auto base

2011-6-22   Source: People's Daily Online


Construction started on China's first pure-electric automobile industrial base in Hannan District of Wuhan City, Central China's Hubei Province on May 28.


This new-energy automobile base costs a total investment of 3.3 billion yuan and covers a total net area of more than 300,000 square meters. It will mainly produce environmentally-friendly batteries, capacitors and other components. The annual output of the base will reach 3,000 vehicles and 10,000 sets of core components, and the annual sales is expected to reach 11 billion yuan.


This new kind of energy vehicles "do not use a drop of petrol," but can run 250 to 300 kilometers after being charged for three hours.


The production technology of the pure-electric vehicle, developed by the Shanghai Yuanda Ruihua Electric Automobile Company, is a new technology with completely independent intellectual property rights and has achieved the international advanced level. It takes advantage of international advanced technology, such as the super capacitor and the lithium ion power battery.


The pure-electric vehicle combines the advantage of the super capacitor for quick charging and fast charging and discharging cycling. The lithium battery allows for a large electricity reserve and long storage time.


Hence, the new-energy automobile allows for the new dynamic system to replace petrol with electricity while having "lasting motive power combined with explosive force." It meets the practical requirements of electric vehicles and allows them to realize zero-emissions, no pollution and low noise.


Currently, pure-electric vehicles produced by the Electric Automobile Company have successfully completed demonstration and commercialized operations on bus routes in more than 20 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hefei and Shenzhen. These vehicles have been in service for as long as five years, and their total combined running mileages have reached millions of kilometers. Their pure-electric vehicle products also have the most variety, the longest time in service, the largest number of passengers and the longest mileage in China so far.