Fujian Invests 15.77 Billion Yuan to Build Smart Grid in Inland Areas During the Twelfth Five-Year-Plan

2011-6-12    Source: Xinhuanet.com

(Xinhuanet.com, May 26, Hu Su) According to the Fujian Electric Power Company, by the end of May this year, the company has signed the Twelfth Five-Year Grid Development Strategic Cooperative Agreements with Sanming, Nanping and Longyan in Fujian. A total investment of 15.77 billion Yuan will be allocated to build Strong and Smart Grid in Fujian's inland areas, helping these areas realize scientific and cross-regional development.

Having built up three 500kV substations (one in each of Longyan, Sanming and Nanping), fifteen 220kV substations and fifty-five 110kV substations with a total investment of 13.74 billion Yuan in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, Fujian grid realized the breakthrough of the power grid from 220kV to 500kV, and ensured the power supply for the economic and social development in the inland regions of Fujian Province.

The Twelfth Five-Year-Plan is a critical period for the inner areas of Fujian Province to change their economic development mode and promote cross-regional development. There will be an urgent need for effective support and full guarantee from a safe and strong grid.

The Fujian Electric Power Company said 15.77 billion Yuan would be invested into constructing and expediting the smart grid in the inland regions of the province, which can put thirty-five 110kV substations unmanned. Also, the investment includes nine electric vehicle battery replacement stations, nine battery distribution stations and 1070 AC charging poles.

It is planned to realize double power supply for all the townships in the inland regions of Fujian by 2013, and to build up 17 counties, 133 townships and 1167villages with electrification during the Twelfth Five Year Plan.