Integrated Reporting offers "clarity, conciseness and transparency"

EnBW, one of the largest energy companies in Germany and Europe, and IIRC Pilot Programme participant, have stated that, "The EnBW path encompasses, at its heart, a company-wide project which has been set up by the EnBW board of directors to implement the idea of Integrated Reporting across business units." As detailed in a blog written by Christoph Dolderer, Director of Accounting and Taxes and Dr. Lothar Rieth, Group Expert Sustainability, EnBW have embarked on the journey to Integrated Reporting because, " entails the promise that in the future corporations can gain more trust and confidence in reporting from its stakeholders."

Crucially, EnBW have ensured that Integrated Reporting is being led jointly by both the financial and sustainability branches, "This step is an important signal for a change from internal silo thinking to an integrated approach. For achieving the project goals a close mesh of all relevant business units is crucial."