“The Third National Assessment Report on Climate Change” was released

On November 20, the Ministry of Science and Technology released the Third National Assessment on Climate Change and held an experts interpretation meeting for the assessment report. Chao Qingchen, researcher from the National Climate Center demonstrated that at present, our country has adopted a series of policies and actions to respond to the climate change actively and have made noticeable achievements. Among them, the advancement of technology has played an important role in energy saving and carbon emission reduction. The energy consumption of per unit yield in energy intensive goods has decreased dramatically. And the result of technological energy saving was obvious. The coal consumption in thermal power and the energy consumption on cement and steel has declined 30 percent to 50 percent. China is world-leading in the popularization and utilization of renewable energy technology. To mitigate climate change, administrative feasibility of China’s policies was strong and highly achieved. Compared with mitigation, policies and actions were far more enough, especially on the consistence between policy aims and resources. In addition, we need to strengthen the scientific foundation for the decisions about tackling climate change, enhance the awareness and capabilities on all levels and improve the standards for infrastructures as well as disasters prevention and mitigation capabilities.