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BP Continues its support to Tsinghua Center for China in the World Economy and enhances its relationship with Tsinghua University

On June 19, 2013, BP China and Tsinghua University jointly announced that the two parties will continue to cooperate in the development of the Center for China in the World Economy’s (CCWE). BP China plans to sponsor CCWE’s activities in research and a scholar exchange programme over the next five years. Liming Chen, President of BP China, and Professor Yingyi Qian, Dean of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, signed the Memorandum of Understanding in Beijing today. Iain Conn, Managing Director of BP plc, and Professor Jining Chen, President of Tsinghua University, attended the signing ceremony.

Centred on the theme of China’s role in globalization, CCWE has long been on a mission to deliver strategic foresight and global vision, as well as to serve decision-making, as an internationally recognized academic and policy research institution. Through this cooperation BP will further strengthen its links to CCWE as well as assisting CCWE’s research in related fields based on the principle of respecting CCWE’s academic independence.

BP first proposed to establish CCWE at Tsinghua University in 2003. CCWE was officially founded in 2004 with active coordination by Tsinghua University. BP supported CCWE by donating US$3.2 million and providing governance advice during 2004-2013. Over the past nine years, CCWE’s research has focused on analysing China’s policy issues from global perspectives. Leveraging a unique mix of resources from academic, government and business sector CCWE has established its position in providing government organizations with insightful academic advice and policy recommendations.

Iain Conn, Managing Director of BP plc commented, “We are pleased to continue our support to CCWE. China’s emergence as a principal economic power is reshaping the world’s political, economic, diplomatic and strategic landscapes. CCWE’s research focusing on China’s role in globalisation will help China to better understand the world, and help the world understand China better as well.” Mr. Conn is one of the members of the CCWE Advisory Board which provides CCWE with strategic guidance and suggestions.

Liming Chen, President of BP China said, ”I’m glad BP continues to deepen its cooperation with Tsinghua University. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding today is another milestone following BP becoming a cornerstone partner of the Schwarzman Scholars Program at the University. BP is committed to developing a long-standing strategic relationship with Tsinghua University. As a multinational company with roots in China, we hope to become a positive force in the development of Chinese society.”

Professor Chen Jining, President of Tsinghua University, expressed his appreciation for BP’s continued support for the University, saying “As a leading company in the energy sector, BP has not only attained great commercial success, but also possesses an interdisciplinary global vision and a strong sense of social responsibility. BP has been an active contributor to the development of Tsinghua University and its academic research programs for many years, during which time the two sides have reached a broad consensus and pursued common goals in a range of fields. Tsinghua University will continue to strengthen its relationship with BP in the future.”